Are you obsessed with baking?

I count myself very lucky that writing about baking has been how I have made my bread and butter (sorry) for more than a decade now. I am thrilled to have a new place to spread my love of all things baked here on Substack.

I have written 6 cookbooks including THE SUNDAY TIMES Bestselling Small Batch Bakes. I have contributed to many publications including Olive Magazine, The Washington Post, Bake From Scratch, The Guardian many more. I was also the winner of the innaugural season of The Great British Bake Off all the way back in 2010.

This newsletter is a place for my experiments, for bakery recommendations, for recipes I am excited about right now, ingredients I want encourage you to bake with, and a place I can nerd about baking without having to worry if it fits an editors desires or if its the right choice for SEO or the Instagram algorithm.

If you subscribe for free you’ll get recipes and ramblings at least twice a month but if you upgrade to the paid tier you’ll also get Second Helpings posts which are weekly bonus issues, packed full of exciting recipes.

Join the crew!

I want this substack to be a community for us to bake together and for it be a place to ask questions, get help with your baking and to share conversations about butter, sugar, eggs and flour aka the good stuff. If that sounds good to you, subscribe!

Recipe Index

A version of this newsletter has been around for a couple years now, and as such there is a big backlog of recipes. To make it easier to find the recipes you are looking for, make sure to check out the recipe index here

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Edd Kimber 

Baker, author and fan of all things sweet.